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Gina Edwards

Owner | Gina's Airbrush Tanning

G’day and welcome to Gina’s Airbrush Tanning. I’m Gina Edwards, owner and operator since 2012.

My interest in tanning came a couple of years earlier whilst I was training amongst fitness competitors. I witnessed them prepping for shows where they were hand tanning each other with home kits, sponges & brushes. Immediately interested in the process yet feeling there had to be a better way of applying such color? When questioning this they all told me to “learn it” so I did!

I went on to complete my hands on training at Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy and certification with ntti, quite my career in Property Management and jumped into the spray tanning world!

What started as an interest quickly became a passion and hasn’t stopped. Although I love spray tanning in general and seeing the way it makes people feel, competition tanning became my specialty and a large majority of my tanning years have been spent providing competition tanning. I’m happy and proud to say we are in fact a Certified Service Providers for Liquid Sun Rays under our Competition brand Brozed Brawn.

Throughout the years I’ve remained a student of the trade, studying skin tones & conditions, the anatomy & contouring, solutions & ingredients from independent research to learning from some of the best in the trade and I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to provide you with the best organic tan of your life, allowing you the opportunity to feel so amazing inside and out.

Just like there are no two bodies the same, here at Gina’s Airbrush Tanning there is no two spray tans the same, we customize each and every color to the individual, their skin type and tone and even their life style!!
We know the science and ingredients behind the solutions we use and we only source the best! A great spray tan will have you looking fresher, healthier and even thinner, you’ll be loving the skin your in!

Experience the glow!

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